Why you should join Buderim Lions

(hint-everyone wins)

WHY would anyone join the Lions Club of Buderim?

Joining any community and volunteer organisation bring benefit as diverse as the actually people of the community! Some want to give back to the world, some want something constructive to do with their spare time, others want to connect with people in their community.

The best way to show why (and who) joins the Buderim Lions is to let you read the words of actual members. Now this is not representative of everyone, but maybe you will see common ground in your own needs and will consider join the Buderim Lions.

Members with young families.

“We both work and do not have much time, but we wanted to be involved in the local community. We were friends of lions and saw what they did. Once we knew we could pick and choose what events suited us, we joined. One unexpected bonus has been the wealth of knowledge and experience we have picked up from the older members. Its nice to know we can help, even if it is only a few times a year.”


#1 “Being retired, I did not want to be tied down to any set routine or times. Having said that I needed something to occupy my time. Buderim Lions was just the ticket. I can be involved as much, or as little as I like. No one worries if I travel regularly. When I do get involved the club stimulates the old grey matter and helps keep me alert. I also get to use many of the skills I learned in my working life.”

#2 “I was surprised at the flexibility of this club. My business skills contribute to their mentoring programmes, grant applications, and event planning. On the other hand some of my fellow members are tradespeople who help with the more physical projects. One other guy does Youth of the Year organisational work, another organises their Christmas and Easter fairs, some just like doing the odd BBQ or the walking kids to school programme. Everyone enjoys the coffee and chat after those.” 

Newbies to the local area.

“We came in from Sydney and our neighbours were new and from Cairns. Neither of us knew a soul, but we all came for the weather and lifestyle. Almost everyone is from somewhere else, but how do I know where to get anything done or what schools are best? I saw the ad to Join Lions, so I went to a meeting. I struck gold. Not only did they provide knowledge of an instant network of reliable trades, they knew where to get the best deals, restaurants, shops, schools , doctors etc. On top of that I now also have a new social network of people who have become close friends as well as fellow lions members.”

From a Local.

“I am very passionate about my community and I worry about the future. I can see a real need for the kids here. There is no Cinema, lousy transport and I worry that they appear to have little to do. Some kids are from broken homes and really need help. I want to be able to do that.”

To summarise

We could go on, but you get the idea. We are a like minded group who have joined mostly because it suits our personal needs. This is not selfish, it is entirely normal. The fact that someone else will benefit from our efforts may not be our only personal goal, but the truth is those who are less well off will benefit from your involvement.

Its good to have the passionate people too. I reminds us of the need to do what we do.

So join us! Get in touch

You win, those in need win, the Community wins.

Kinda nice really. 🙂