Giving the Coast Youth a Lift

Helping disaffected and "at risk" youth

A Major community Project by Lions in Buderim.

The Street-Work Bus for Fusion Sunshine Coast.

Project Background:

Fusion Sunshine Coast is a unique community help organisation, with their Youth and Family Support Centre located in Ballinger Road, Buderim.  This not-for-profit group operates programs and facilities on the Sunshine Coast to give support for children and teenagers across the region. Fusion targets youth, disengaged, at risk or disadvantaged through difficult family or economic situations.

Fusion identified specific areas around the Coast where youth related issues arose to impact the wider community. The issues include petty crime, shoplifting, vandalism and use and selling of alcohol and drugs . The Buderim Lions decided to take on this challenge and forged an alliance with Fusion. As pat of that work, the Lions secured and modified a ex-MTA Sydney bus to create a “safe zone” for at risk youth.

The Project:

The My Bus project provides a mobile self-contained drop-in centre for at risk teenagers on the Sunshine Coast. A second hand, flat floor, ex-metropolitan transport bus was purchased, stripped and modified to suit by the Buderim Lions. The seats were removed and the whole vehicle re-engineered with a small kitchenette and coffee bar, air conditioning, refrigerator, generator, water tanks,  BBQ, marquee and associated equipment. Fit out included flat screen monitors, games console and board games. Three convertible lounge/bunks were fitted. These bunks could even be used by volunteers, should the unit be required during times of natural disasters.

The Street-work Bus operates late afternoon and at night, primarily in the identified high risk areas of the Sunshine Coast, where at-risk and troubled teenagers congregate. During the day the Bus can be found at local schools engaged in lunchtime programs. The Bus provides coffee, activities, a meeting point and a safe haven for young people. It is a positive alternative to undesirable group and gang activity. The unit is manned by trained Fusion volunteers, experienced in working with disadvantaged and at-risk young people.

The wider aim is to provide self-esteem and a purpose in life, to those young people who are often forced out or choose to leave homes at night, due to difficult domestic situations or who simply have nothing to do and are easily led astray.

The Street-work Bus is also an entry point to other programs offered by Fusion.


There are many success stories where young people have found themselves and created a better future path  with encouragement from Fusion.

As part of the alliance, Buderim Lions mentors the Fusion volunteer management, through an advisory group of local business people.

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