Immanuel Gardens Men's Shed

When work is done, a man still needs a place for work.

Buderim Lions and the Men’s Shed

The Immanuel Gardens Men’s Shed is run by members of the LIONS Club of Buderim together with assistance from the village staff and friends. Wooden parts for the project are also prepared helpers and friends.

When a man has retired and is in the later stages of life, there is often a need for “something to do” to keep the mind active and the hand to eye coordination acute. This is no less important for those in aged-care facilities, many older gents long for activities of value that they can use to fill their time. The Men’s Shed provides those recreational activities in simple woodworking and toy making for the elderly patients of Immanuel Gardens Lutheran Village.

The prepared parts which are organised by those involved are glued together and painted, by the residents.

Sessions of 2 hours ( from 10 am to 12 mid-day) are held on two Wednesdays of each month.

LIONS are always looking for assistance to run these sessions and this is a great way for people who want to be “Friends of LIONS” or LIONS members, to become involved.

Helpers are needed to do any (or all) of the following tasks:

  1. Pre prepare some  parts if you have some woodworking skills.
  2. Help bring patients down from the hospice.
  3. Help distribute morning tea to the patients.
  4. Chat with individual patients during the course of the session.
  5. Assist any patients with  glueing and painting the toys.

All of these supervisory tasks are easy, and most people assisting say the experience is both rewarding and enjoyable.
These sessions are definitely warmly received by patients, who always  look forward to them.
As an added bonus, the wooden toys produced are subsequently distributed to needy families by the Lions Club.

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