Buderim Safe Activity

Working with the Police and Community for a Safe Buderim

Buderim-Safe-LogoBuderim Safe is a community based voluntary organisation. The task of this organisation is to investigate, report and make recommendations to the appropriate authority (Council, Police, Road Transport etc) for improvements to the general safe well being for all residents of the Buderim area.

Members of Buderim Safe are representatives from local police, council, local  organisations, businesses  and interested residents.

Many reports from  Buderim Safe have already been submitted and  acted upon, to the benefits of residents of Buderim.

Buderim Safe is an initiative of the Sunshine Coast Council. Other members include the Qld Police, The Department of Road Transport, Neighbourhood Watch, Buderim Mountain Primary School,  Buderim LIONS, FUSION in Buderim, other community groups, and concerned individuals.

One of the many initiatives from Buderim Safe is the” Walk to School ” project which is actively promoted and run by the Lions Club of Buderim, Buderim Mountain Primary, Qld police and Qld Transport with strong backing by the Heritage Bank  in Buderim.

A safety audit of the “top of Buderim” has also been undertaken, reported on, and has been acted upon by Council in a prompt manner.

Of particular interest to Buderim Safe is the issue of traffic congestion in the Buderim area.


Buderim Safe Vision

To contribute to a safe and liveable Buderim community by planning and implementing collaborative strategies that enhance the preservation of safety and social amenity in public spaces in Buderim.

Buderim safe Objectives

  • To identify community safety issues for the Buderim area 
  • Assist in the development and promotion of safety
  • programs and projects, in response to local safety  needs, with the aim of promoting Buderim as safe community
  • To establish effective partnerships with key stakeholders engaged in improving the overall safety of Buderim

The Meetings are held at the Buderim Primary School Library every 3rd Tuesday of the Month at 10am.