Welcome to LIONS Club of Buderim Incorporated.

The Lions Club of Buderim was sponsored by the palmwoods Lions Club and was  Chartered in 1967. We are proud to be a member of the world’s largest and most active service club. Our Lions International page will tell you more about the world picture.

The Club was incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 on as a not-for-profit organization.  The ABN number is 56 954 664 829. The Club is part of Lions District 201Q4, Zone 1.

The LIONS Club of Buderim is a modern and pro-active Club which is progressive in its attitude whilst adhering to LIONS International guidelines, values and ethics. The  Club in Buderim has its own  Business Plan which is regularly updated to reflect contemporary attitudes, needs, and concerns of both the Club and the Community.

Our Mission as the local Lions Club is to support financially or otherwise the disadvantaged and under-privileged, and those children and youths with special needs within its community. This mission is accomplished by maintaining a Club that is a committed team of volunteers who achieve high quality results, and by recognizing we must establish and implement strategies and activities that reflect the values and expectations of the community that we serve.

Like all service clubs we face challenges with changing community values. Often the community need is increasing whilst the number of members and volunteers is decreasing. Happily we seem to be overcoming the latter in Buderim. Our net membership rose from 23 to 24 last year and looks set to rise again this year with prospective younger members joining us to help those of the old guard. Our target is to exceed 30 members. We have also enjoyed  the assistance of many non-member volunteers on special projects. You do not need to be a member if you want to help. These inputs, members or otherwise, help us maintain the momentum.

As set out in our “activities and events” section we still raise substantial funds by traditional methods of BBQ’s, and selling Lions Mints and Cakes. We still do this, because it works, and it can also be a lot of fun and camaraderie for members. We even made things easier by purchasing a purpose built BBQ trailer to reduce the workload and increase our efficiency. (not to mention our ease and comfort ) This purchase was funded via a Government grant.

Not so visible is our other work:

We mentor other not for profit organisations that need it.

We help procure  Government grants for some of these organisations.

We maintain an assembly day twice monthly of wooden toys for the elderly men in a retirement home.

We organise a monthly “Family day in the Park” for all age groups in the community with quality entertainment for the older participants and fun and games for the young ones and their families (Oh ! and we also have a BBQ on the day).

We cater at Car Rallies and at Athletics Championships.

We currently have a project running to refurbish a Bus to be used by FUSION for helping disadvantaged youth

We organise an Easter Fair and a Christmas Fair in Buderim.

We assist other community groups like Apex, Buderim Foundation , other Lions and Lioness clubs etc.

We organise and run community entertainment events.

We provide funding for the support of disadvantaged school children

We provide Christmas hampers for needy families, and Christmas cakes for Soldiers serving overseas.

We have two members actively involved with the Council, Neighbourhood Watch, and Police in “Buderim Safe” to help address community safety concerns.

We support “Walk Safe”  to encourage Mountain creek school children to take a healthy walk to school under Police and volunteer supervision, and help keep the School drop off zones clearer and safer for children and parents.

We make donations to worthy National and International causes raised by Lions International, and Lions Australia, but the majority of monies raised is returned to the local Buderim community.

We forge links between Businesses in Buderim and our community projects, and in turn, more links with the media to ensure that the projects and the businesses get the exposure they deserve.

We maintain a Lion’s Den at Cunning Park with regular working Bee’s.

We have monthly social/business meetings with an informal inner and a monthly business meeting at our Den with a modest charge to members to cover costs. These meetings are on the first and third Thursday evenings each month

We have social gatherings for club members too, in order to relax on occasions. Again we cover costs direct from members.
It is worth noting that all of the funds for administration of the Lions Club of Buderim come directly from members by way of membership fees and internal raisings.
Funds are held in an Administration Account. Funds raised from activities are held in a separate Activities Account and returned wholly to the community. So you can safely say that a dollar spent with Lions is a dollar direct to charitable works.

We encourage all persons and families to come to activities and/or events of their choosing, to relax and have a good time.

And finally, for those few who are looking for more to do with their time, the Lions Club of Buderim can find things for you to do as a “friend’, a volunteer, or as a member. It can be fun! If you wish to explore this option, see the Contact Us section