Friends of Buderim Lions ~ Everyone needs a friend.

We currently have about 25 members in Buderim Lions Club and several ongoing projects at any one time. This means that sometimes we are spread very thin. Some of us still work for a living and free time is at a premium!  A few are older and unable to assist with certain tasks. All are enthusiastic and committed, but even with the best will in the world, we can’t all be everywhere, all the time.

An easy way to contribute to your community, while not over-committing!

Our friends are not LIONS members. They are people who like to contribute their time or skills on occasions, but who are unable or unwilling to attend on a regular basis.

Like all friends, they are very valuable.
Like all friends they are generous when they can be, of time and skills.
Like all friends, we understand that sometimes they can not help on particular occasions.
. . . But like friends everywhere, there are usually one or two who can pitch in and help.

. . . And, like all friends, we would be lost without them.

Perhaps you, or someone you know, can not be a LIONS member because of family, work, or other commitment. BUT are willing to lend a hand every so often, just a few hours per year to help, set up a BBQ, paint a wall, pack up after the Easter Fair . . . that sort of thing. No committees or meetings, just good intention and some muscle or skill.

If this is the case, and you, or they, would still like to help, just contact us. Let us know what you, or they, personally can do with any skills or abilities that could help. If you think that you have no particular skill or ability then don’t worry, we are sure that we can find a way for any willing person to be able to help in some way.

We have lots of activities/jobs/tasks/projects for all types of people to help with. You can be young, old, working, retired, bored, clever, smart, loud, quiet, witty, or whatever.

There are so many personal benefits from being a “Friend of Buderim Lions”

We would also welcome people who may wish to join at a later date, but want to have a taste of what we are about before they join. Either way, there is no pressure for any ” Friend of Lions” to commit to becoming a LIONS member at any time.

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To support the community we need the support of the community.

If you can help with time, skills or funds, please contact us and get involved!

Being a volunteer organisation means that 100% of all your donations will go towards the community projects.