BBQs & Activities

BBQ’s at Bunnings and Community Activities (see also “Social Activities for the Community”)

Together with other Service Clubs, the LIONS are widely recognised by their presence at shopping and other venues. The wafting smell of snags on the BBQ attracts all and sundry to savour the ubiquitous sausage and onion sandwich with lots of sauce.

As stated elsewhere, this is far from all that LIONS do. However, it must be recognised that the BBQ’s are a major source of income for the clubs.

Amazing that the simple sausage can end up financing¬† disadvantaged youths to school camps; or helping in flood relief; or buying tools and materials for an old age Men’s Shed; or promoting road safety for local schoolchildren; or paying for school books for needy families; or providing better eyesight for those in poorer countries. The assistance LIONS provides is mostly focused on the local community, but some is also sent to assist the needy elswhere.

There is never a shortage of people needing the type of assistance that LIONS provides.



BBQ's still raise money for Lions activities